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Precision Contract Machining 

Storage and Trucking

Streck's, Inc. offers Trucking and Indoor/Outdoor Storage facilities w/Heavy Lift capabilities for your large pieces of machinery and inventory.

We specialize in storing and transporting large scale machinery from all types of industries. We can provide you with accessibility to your Power Turbines, Turbine Rotors, Industrial Electronics, outdoor and indoor power generation plant components.

  • 160,000 Overhead crane capacity in front shop
  • 135,000 Overhead crane capacity in back shop
  • 140,000 Fork lift capacity

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Fork Lift

50 Ton Forklift

Henly Fork Lift

Cat 988 Henly 50 Ton Forklift






Heavy Lift Trucking









Trucking - Heavy Lift



Large Machining Heavy Lift Storage

Large Machining Heavy Lift Storage


Very Heavy Lift Trucking











Trucking - Very Heavy Lift