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Precision Contract Machining 

Large Capacity Machining

Streck's Inc. specializes in Large Capacity Machining and Custom Precision Machining Services.

Portable Machining Equipment
Portable Ram EDM
Waterjet Cutting
Trucking and Indoor / Outdoor Storage Facilities w/Heavy Lift

24 Hour Emergency Service
Prompt and Competitive Pricing
Serviced by Canadian / Pacific Railroad, Albany Airport and the Port of Albany
Our plant covers 65,000 square feel located on 18 acres of land and features four cranes with 80 ton indoor capacity.
  • 160,000 Overhead crane capacity in front shop
  • 135,000 Overhead crane capacity in back shop
  • 140,000 Fork Lift capacity

150” x 612” Betts Engine Lathe
30” x 120” Mattison Surface Grinder
32” x 192” American Engine Lathe
230” Betts Vertical Boring Mill – 84” Under Rail
192” Niles Vertical Boring Mill – 120” Under Rail
38” x 144” x 192” Super Mill Planer
28" X 28" Marvel Band Saw
750 Ton x 420” Horizontal Press
Baker Bros. Large Key Seater.
Portable Sub-Arc Welders
Gun Drilling
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Test Rotor
80 Ton Test Rotor

New Steam Turbine
135,000 lb New Steam Turbine

Betts Vertical Boring Mill
Betts Vertical Boring Mill

In addition, we have a large assortment of milling machines, small lathes, slotters, drill presses, welders and grinders to handle the full scope of your project.

GL Horiz Boring Mach
GL Horizontal Boring Machine

GTurbinebase Rockcrusher

Steam Turbine


Hydroelectric Turbine
Hydroelectric Turbine





Heavy Lift
Heavy Lift

Large Machining Fabrication
Large Machining Fabrication

Large Machining
Large Machining
Large Machining Heavy Lift
Large Machining Heavy Lift